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A money roll that people in and around Flint, Michigan (the undisputed capital of violent crimes, unemployment and Coney Island hot dogs). The Flint Roll usually has one or two $1 dollar bills rolled with the big bills on the outside. A big bill being a $2 or $5 bill. Many times the Flint Roll will only contain a single doller bill rolled with a rubber band around it.
"Oh Schnapp, StingerDawg got a fat Flint Roll knot in his pocket. He must have at least $7".

"I likes to wrap my small bills with my big bills, I keeps da fiver on the outside of my Flint Roll".

"It's a good day when yer Flint Roll has a Lincoln round' the Washingtons. You can buy at least two Flint Style coneys".

"That Flint Roll is bigger than Grantholms hairy mole".
by StingerDawg! March 21, 2010
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