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A person with short hair, muscular body, and good sense of humour! Does a lot of crazy things and doesn't feel embarrassed to do what they want.

They are exceptionally musical, athletic, and quick in both muscular ways and their minds. They are loving, caring, and addicted to the power of love.

Flemmich is also a family name that describes persons described as above.

It is also a type of signature-action-telling word.
"Hey, did you see that guy? Yeah, he must be a Flemmich."

"Look what he made for me! Aww, how sweet! He's a Flemmich alright"

"Hey, that dude looks like a Flemmich!"

"Haha, dude! That dancemove was sick! That was totally a Flemmich right there!"
by sXi2k March 19, 2010
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