Slang for eBay -- term probably originated from the comparison of eBay and a flea market
Check out my antique IBM PCjr I just bought on Fleabay!
by Thomas L. February 11, 2006
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A name people use when referring to ebay as a "flea market"
I could sell it on fleabay, but with so many similar items offered by other sellers, I wouldn't get much for it.
by mouseclick August 15, 2007
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The money you spend fixing all the dents and half arsed repairs that the original owner inflicted on your newly acquired 2nd hand amp/guitar/unicycle. Allow typically 10% of RRP.
'Picked up a manpad for 800 bucks last week. 'Cost me another $700 in fleabay tax tho, some nonce had stuck the sights back on with chewing gum and gaffa tape. Gah.
by gobshmite June 16, 2011
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