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A product placed in one’s ass to make their farts smell like baked goods. These are chemically engineered suppositories designed to achieve critical mass upon exposure to methane and catalyze to emit odors that intermingle with ones flatulence. Initial popular brands of this incense for the ass were buttered popcorn, chocolate chip cookie dough, and apple pie. It is rumored that Old Spice, Irish Spring, and black licorice Flatucense are in the works.
Gringo: Wow, your mom must be baking 30 dozen cookies.

I.P.Dailey: No, man. I had broccoli, crab cakes, and brussel sprouts for lunch and I've been dropping enough ass to run a bio-gas powered 18-wheeler. Fortunately, I put in a Flatucense and you get to smell my ass-baked chocolate chip cookies instead.
by ipdaily February 08, 2011
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