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Flanorexia is an sexual disorder characterized by extreme and obsessive fear of coming into sexual or visable contact of Flanagans.

The term Flanorexia was established in 1987 and roughly translates as 'stumpius cockius' in Latin
The condition largely affects women between the ages of 14 and 82 years.

Flanorexic behavior is thought to originate from an obsessive fear of being touched, kissed, sexed by, or in some cases just making eye contact with a member of the Flanagan family.

People with flanorexia also have other psychological difficulties such as Sexlexia (Latin)- 'sexius lexius'

Sociocultural studies have highlighted the role of cultural factors, such as the mediaโ€™s promotion of toned, built men as the ideal male form rather than the withered, frail frame of the Flanagan's. Women in the Somerset area are at particular risk of developing Flanorexia as this is where he lurks in his sex cave.

Flanorexia is thought to have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder, with anywhere from 6-20% of those who are diagnosed with the disorder eventually dying from nightares and constant vomitting. Clinicians were warned of the risks as 37% of subjects reported at least one suicide attempt.

Scientists are yet to find a definite cure for the disease, but women within the 14-82 age bracket are advised to use sunglasses to escape his gaze if feeling threatened, and pepper spray in emergencies.
'She died of Flanorexia'

'Dont go to Somerset, you will get Flanorexia'

'I dont want to have sex with you, i am Flanorexic'

'Stop touching me i am Flanorexic you horny toad'
by Knicker Weasel January 07, 2010
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