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You know the type, the friend, or ex-friend who is/was always at your side, tailgaiting, leeching and just waiting to steal your ex boyfriend/girlfriend, your extra burrito you cant eat, your spare ticket to the movie, the free rides like you are a taxi, etc. (for free of course, 'cause you owe them....uh huh) Also this person is typically the one who expects to be called, not to call, to be listened to, not to listen, and seems to always feel like the world owes them something whenever confronted with their behavior. Always flanking your side, waiting for the next scrap. These humans should be approached with caution, and if at all possible do not associate with them. It can lead to, but not limited to= brokeness/financial ruin, anger, resentment, drug addiction, backstabbing, manipulation, anxiety, and finding yourself subjection to the persons grandiose opinions and self image of themselves. This person is a FLANKSTER. Also known as users, losers, tag-alongs, mooches, mopes, etc. Also, for a 'lil urban twist you can also call them a flanksta....
Man, I swear I just can't shake Jim, he's always leeching in on my friends, ex-girlfriends, jobs, and everything else. It is like he is trying to live my life. What a shadow, what a leech! The guy is a straight flankster!
by Jason Schwagner July 15, 2006
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