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1. (a) (familiar) Referring to a vehicle used to transport an all-female group, typically close friends (from flange, meaning vagina, combined with the suffix -mobile, as in batmobile). (b) (vulgar) Referring to a vehicle used to transport women whose contribution to society is primarily genital.

2. Any vehicle considered to resemble, coincidentally or intentionally, female genitalia; can also be applied to cars considered to be over-compensation for unsatisfactory female genitalia, similar to penis car.

3. (rare) A man who, in unenlightened times or societies, might be considered a stud, but in actuality is just a man-slut. Compare village bicycle

Sometimes spelled Phlangemobile.
1a. 'Are you, Mags, Jools and Georgie coming over for pre-drinking before we head onto the club?'

'No, Mags is getting in late from work, so we'll do our pre-drinking in the flangemobile and meet you there.'

1b. 'This looks like a nice place to stop for a picnic.'

'Don't stop! That's Andrea from Sociology's flangemobile parked over there! She's probably boning someone in the backseat as we speak!'

2. 'Yo, Winston, check out my new ride! Sweet wheels, huh?'

'Those aren't sweet wheels, Clement, that's a flangemobile.'

(alternative) 'To the Flangemobile!'

3. 'You totes will not believe who Teresa did the other night. She, like, got major wasted and spent the night with Millard!'

'You mean, Millard from Psychology? O.M.G. she's going to get Chlamydia, that guy is such a flangemobile.'
by CochonsurVelo December 04, 2013
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A vehicle possessed by a woman of notable vaginal status. A whore, for those who didn't already gather that
That Angie's FlangeMobile kicks off a right pong!
by HarleyQuinnChavez September 14, 2010
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