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An ancient variation of the classic table lotus sex position, however it is far more dangerous, so dangerous it has only ever been attempted a handful of times in recorded history. It is said that if a women agrees to perform this move for you, there is no option available to you other than to wife her. The standard table lotus position is taken and the lovers engage in coitus. While this even occurs the female partner involved begins placing oil carefully around her on the table. Just as her partner reaches climax she drops a match onto the table surrounding her in deadly flames. If the woman should survive the ordeal the couple are to be thought of as perfect matches if not a disgrace to humanity and thus their fiery death justified.
Geoff: I heard Shanella was working on a new sex move for Tom

Jack: Yea she going to give him a Flaming Lotus next week.

Geoff: Fuck, I hope they survive.

Jack: Meh
by john the beast May 26, 2013
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