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Whilst rarely seen in captivity, Fizzbogs are small, furry, quadrupeds with a colouring similar to a tiger's stripes. Fizzbogs are overly friendly, and communicate in a high pitched twitter which becomes higher and more rapid after the consumption of carbohydrates or carbonated alcohol. It is said that if anyone ever captures two Fizzbogs then something amazing will happen. However since Fizzbogs have an impressive ability to appear human, and enjoy mating with humans it is unlikely anyone will ever achieve this feat, and so Fizzbogs will be able to continue making Youtube videos and obscure Urban Dictionary references.
Dude, I think I just saw a Fizzbog
How can you tell?
Well with that colour it was either a Fizzbog or a Tiger, and I've never heard of Tigers eating a man's arm *raises bloody stump that used to be elbow*
by cs192 July 30, 2009
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