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1. A fictional biker gang who, rather than run "normal" illegal activities such as drug smuggling or prostitution, specialize in really dirty fetish porn. They would import or produce the foulest sleaze imaginable. Other bikers would have nothing to do with them because of their retarded schemes and their disturbing willingness to get involved in the production of rotten porn.
2. A disgusting biker wannabe that rips up and down residential areas. The only reason they would be doing so is because they are running dirty fetish porn.
1. "I heard about those Fist Feltchers. Don't they distribute illegal hardcore scheisse porn, bukkake, and vomit? I also heard that their founder, Cuntpuncher Pete, died in an unfortunate feltching accident involving an industrial shop-vac; his dying words were "Ooooh, my feltch hole hurts!!!" as his insides were vacuumed out of his ass by a fat broad that looks like Mimi from Drew Carey, but in a gimp suit."
2. "There goes another goddamn Fist Feltcher! At the speed he was going, he must be late for filming a scene with a goat."
by Greg the Angry Pole January 28, 2008
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