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Fishbirdman is a concoction arising from Garr Laboratories. It was a comic developed by the creators of Anna L.R. Ape. The comic was centered around a creature that was the result of a nuclear reactor leak, causing a human to be fused with a fish and a bird. The resulting being was half human, half fish, and half bird. His super powers included being able to breathe both underwater and above water (useless), being able to fly (Kind of cool) and being able to nag incessantly, like a Jewish mother. The fame of Fishbirdman was relatively short lived, with only three or four comics ever being released. Fishbirdman and the comic itself met their doom when one of the creators lost the floppy disk (for you kids out there, that's not an homonym for a penis, it's an old piece of computer hardware) which was then written into the series, as Fishbirdman being lost at sea, his life raft was a floppy disk. The comic was never pursued any farther.
Hey have you read Fishbirdman?
No, I don't even know what that is.
by Kinberg December 04, 2010
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