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The theory that centrists and the far-right on the political spectrum are in-fact very close. Created in response to the Horseshoe theory equating the far-left to the far-right due to similar tactics (despite having fundamentally opposing beliefs), the theory states that centrists allowing the far-right to preach their beliefs will allow the far-right to grow greater and lead to the rise of fascism again; it suggests that centrists pave the way for fascism and so the two parties are part of the same problem. Whilst there have been cases made for this theory, it is mainly used to satirise and discredit the Horseshoe Theory.
If I'm gonna be forced to see thousands of people including mass media pushing the horseshoe theory, then I will make your eyes look at the Fish Hook Theory too.
by Louis Hypothetical February 04, 2018
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The ideology of extremists.

When one's personal politics are so extreme, that not only are their ideological opponents considered fascists/libtard; anyone who is moderate/centrist/in between is also a fascist/libtard!

Of course, the extremists themselves cannot see this, because in order to understand this, they would have to be a fascist or a libtard.

See also: horseshoe theory
Fish Hook Theory is cancer.
by Politics are garbage October 14, 2017
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