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Someone around the age of 12/13 who has not yet had a meet/shift/french kiss. Irish slang.
In the Irish educational system, after graduating from primary school (about 12 years old) you move onto the first year in secondary school. Therefore a first-year is just your average pre-teen. However, by that age, the best way to be popular is to not be a fridget. A fridget is someone who has never "met" (also Irish slang.) someone. In most cases, people are slagged for being a first-year fridget, but only lightly by friends. Being a first-year fridget isn't bad, but boys typically try to get a meet before first year to avoid the situation altogether, and also in an attempt to show off to their friends.
"Hey, in your school do you get bullied for being a first-year fridget?"
"Nah, yer grand."
"No mate, you're screwed."
"Don't worry though. Just go to a disco or something. You'll get a meet there.

"Thanks, bro."
by Mad-Yoke-From-Ireland July 23, 2018
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