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Indie is a shortform of "independent"; it is often used to describe a person or a group of persons who in their life style, taste and outlook take a rather sophisticated and Bohemian stand against the mainstream.

Indie as an avantgarde discourse began spreading in the beginning of the twenty-first-century and has not yet reached its climax, but a new parellel, and even more "Indie" development is beginning to evolve slowly especially in Scandinavia: "First Indie"

"First Indie" is a discursive combination and contraction of two concepts; "First mover" and "Indie".

The "First Indie" is extremely independent in its nature, lifestyle and perception of the world and people around him, but what differs him/or her from the "old indie" is that he doesn't see the concept of distancing himself from the mainstream as a goal in itself, but rather "First Indie" uses the mainstream media to his own advantage to set his subjective agenda.
Person 1: Why did you join that television show - it is so mainstream?

Person 2 "First indie (or real indie)": I know it is, that's why I joined it.

Person 1: What!!! You have a black hat - how could you do that, I thought you were sooooo indie?

Person 2 (first indie): Well, that's not up for me to define - but I wanted to use the mainstream media for my own individual(idealistic) purposes. I mean if you want to communicate with people who don't belong to your normal sphere, it's a rather good idea to try to go ahead and cross the sphere, right?

Person 1: That's just so indie....
by Libra2000 July 17, 2010
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