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An ideology existing in both Protestant and Catholic Churches. They are mostly found in fundamentalist groups, such as the Southern baptist, Independent Baptist, Free Grace, Fundamentalist Pentecostals, and Traditionalist Catholic groups. They firmly believe that most of Humanity is doomed to be tortured for all eternity for a finite set of sins. This was never a position held in early Christianity, let alone explisively taught in the bible. It first appeared in Augustinian Theology, and continued well into Thomasinian Theology. This cult has primarily died out in Catholicism, Mainline Protestantism, and most Evangelical Churches. However, it is a large part of Fundamentalist Churches. They feel so confident in defending their doctrine, despite the fact that you could make a better biblical, philosophical or historical case for Annihilationism, or universalism. Their main beliefs are that they should encourage a fear of Hell, than a love for God, that Humanity is inherently evil, and deserving of eternal torment, and that most people will not be saved. They do a good job at twisting any scriptures that clearly point to universalism, or annihilation, and try to twist them to mean everlasting torment. They have some terrible philosophical arguments to support their position. Their favorite defense of their position is a parable which should not be taken literally, and some idea that Jesus spoke more about hell than any subject.
Annihilationist: There is a purpose to destroying sinners, since it would keep evil out of Gods kingdom, but whats the purpose of torturing sinners forever?

Fire and brimstone cult: Purpose is only reserved for time, and hell does not exist in time, so it does not carry a purpose.

Annihilationist: In Genesis, they says if you eat from the tree of knowledge, you shall surely die. In Ezekiel, it says the soul that sins shall die. In psalms, it says that the wicked shall die, and their thoughts shall perish. In Matthew, it says fear not the one who can destroy the body, but destroy the body and soul in Gehenna.

Fire and brimstone cult: Well, thats not what they mean, destroy means separation from God, and death is spiritual death.
by hisholinessrev January 18, 2010
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