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The finnish line marks the point at which all the alcohol in a household has been drunk and everyone is smashed. "Crossing the finnish line" refers to the act of drinking all that's left in a house through mass partying and drinking games.

The people of Finland (the finnish) are known for being able to hold their liquor and for their mad partying skills. The finnish set the bar high when it comes to hardcore drinking, so reaching the finnish line is truly a badge of honor, particularly if it happens as a result of winning many games of beirut or beer pong in a row.
"After winning seven games of 10-cup beirut in a row, the finnish line was in sight for Mark and Janet. When they won their final game and all the beer was gone, they stepped across the finnish line and had the best drunk sex ever."

"Guy #1: How was the party at Stubby's last night?
Guy #2: Dude, it was amazing, we hit the finnish line.
Guy #1: Woah, how much did you start with?
Guy #2: Let's just say that hockey players from Helsinki would have been jealous.
Guy #1: That's fucked up."
by mgeyer2006 April 30, 2006
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