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Finnbell's law (also known as Finnbell's Rule of Ladyboys) is an assertion made by Finnbell in December of 2013 that has become an Internet adage on the ladyboyspattaya forum. It states: "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving ladboys or level of gayness approaches. In other words, Finnbell said, “I am involved in an anthropological study on transgenders in Thailand specifically related to the sex industry and how they are perceived in general society so I do consider my opinion to sometimes be more valid than some”. Many have refuted this and would consider him a self appointed expert. Finnbell inevitably makes a comparison to ladyboys and their level of sexuality or the level of gayness as it relates to the forum members. Stating that, “I have had many different forms of interactions between ladyboys and society that most have never seen.” “My posts in relation to certain topics would be similar to a topic about how bars work and if an owner of a bar posted. Are they called know it alls?”
Although in one of its early forms Finnbell's law referred specifically to the ladyboyspattaya forum discussions and has been invoked for the inappropriate use of ladyboy related analogies in articles or speeches. Finnbell is also considered by some to be the Dr. Phil of the ladyboy world and suffers greatly from the Dunning-Kruger Effect. In December of 2013, "Finnbell's Law" became an entry in the first edition of the Urban Dictionary.
According to Finnbell's Law; Femboys is a western term of course with western concepts but has been applied to the gay and transgender culture of Thailand. In non-p4p culture there is a much more defined community with most ladyboys being Kathoeys and in most cases having the money to stay on hormones and having much more subtle surgeries to make them look more feminine. The femboys seem to transition back and forth from the male side never making the full identity change to female. In p4p, things do change a bit due to the nature of the industry. Lines get blurred a bit as you get femboys, gay transvestites, ladyboys, kathoeys and the pure gay guys dressing up as LBs to get more work. Femboys are femboys and not kathoeys for one specific reason, sexual identity at that time because in p4p you get a lot of kathoeys who are transitioning and can be in a non-hormone taking phase because she cant afford it. Maybe a year passes and now we see her with hormone tits then a year later she has breast implants then a year later she has the chop. A very common tale in p4p pretty amazing that we get to witness these transformations sometimes. Simply put no, femboys identify as male, kathoeys as female but they both can look alike which is why I don't go for too many without at least hormone tits because you're right they aren't going to tell you they are not actual kathoeys.
by Swedeman007 December 22, 2013
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