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The grotesque remnants of a human fingernail lingering on a finger that was partially severed by a lawnmower. The nail accurately resembles the horn of an African rhinoceros and gives nightmares to everyone that encounters it.
Guy 1: What the fuck is up with that guy's fingernail?
Guy 2: Yeah, supposedly he stuck it into a lawn mower a few years ago, while it was running!
Guy 1: It looks like the horn of a rhinoceros!
Guy 2: It's a total fingerhorn.
by Powdr_dayz May 25, 2011
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Using your finger to get your feet into a pair of dress shoes, when the shoe horn is backwards and you are hammered drunk.
Derek was so hammed his shoe horn was back wards so he had to resort the the double finger horn
by Spenny for real February 25, 2012
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