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a horror movie that was released on February 10, 2006 that is centered around a premonition about death on a roller coaster. The movie stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead(Sky High, The Ring Two, Black Christmas) as Wendy- the female lead, and Ryan Merriman(Halloween: Resurrection, The Ring Two, The Luck of the Irish) as Kevin- the male lead. The movie was shot in Canada in 2005. Some interesting trivia concerning the stars is: Mary Winstead and Ryan Merriman both starred in "The Ring 2" in 2005. Also, the same year as Final Destination 3 was released, Mary Winstead starred in Black Christmas along with Crystal Lowe, another actress in Final Destination 3.
"We should go rent a horror movie at Blockbuster like Halloween or Final Destination 3"
by simpleguy September 06, 2009
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