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The state of being so perfectly fabulous, epic, and badass, that you are considered on a level equal to that of Finny, the Finnabulous gardener of the Phantomhive estate. Only those who are Finny, related to Finny, or deemed Finnabulous by Finny may adopt this title.
Finny: You are so fucking badass Rin-Rin (Finny's wife, bitches. BI). Now go make me a sammich.

Mey-Rin: :'D You are so Finabulous, that I made a Sammich 20 minutes before you asked me.

Finny: This is why you are badass and Finabulous. I love you, Rin-Rin. B|
Bystanders: They are such a Finabulous couple~
by Rin-Rin_the_badass September 28, 2012
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