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What Eric Cartman likes to kill in South Park. Cartman was successful in killing the hippies in the South Parkepisode "Die Hippie, Die!" (with a Giant Drill)

Male Hippies are almost always barefooted and spout out gibberish about taking down Corporations while getting Intoxicated on Weed.(THE DEVIL'S CHIN HAIR!) They love to eat Brownies and will only drink "Fruitopia" Brand soft drinks.

Female Hippies burn their Bras (their A-Cup Bras) and prance around in Tiki Hawaiian-like dresses, while wearing beads and doing a strange intoxicated Arm dance, which can only be described as "Walking like an Egyptian", I guess?
Smelly Fuckin
tree hugging hippies
tree-hugging hippies
cops and hippies
kill whitey
abba & dancing queen
sir Elton John
by M. Mathers June 02, 2005
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