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After a long night of playing drums for a rocking band in hot bar or club, a now hot, sweaty, stinky, hairy, and somewhat dirty drummer sneeks apon an unsuspecting individual and rubs all over said individual while dry humping, in a doggie-style manner the now victims leg. The result of this action is the showing of the drummer's dominateing power and the ability to ward of other beasts from what the drummer now claims his as his own. The drummer may claim one or many it is all depending on his energy and physical condition as well as how many drunks he must defend his now prize from. Hilarity and both a terrible stench, and chafing can result from this action
Al: Dude did you hear what happened at the Missed Conception show last night?
Damien: No what happened at the Missed Conception show last night.
Al: The drummer gave Suzi a FILTHY CAVEMAN!!!

Damien: Oh that is awesome, I bet Sarah was totally jealous!

Al: Yeah I know she was, I heard he wasn't wearing pants.
by Daveoftheboomboom November 01, 2011
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