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Also known in it's acronym form, FWB, a Filthy White Boy is (in it's most atypical example) a white American male in his early 20's to mid 40's who can be seen nearly anywhere and can be identified by several outward signs:

(a) Dons a wife-beater, AFFLICTION or TAPOUT t-shirt

(b) Is usually tanned or "ripped".

(c) Spiked, gelled hair, and or backwards hat.

(d) Listens to bands such as Avenged Sevenfold.

(e) Drinks alot of Monster energy drinks.

(f) Arms are usually covered by tatoo sleeves.

(g) Usually drives a car that looks fast enough to street race and or drift, but in fact is simply a body kit placed on a bottomed out Honda.

(h) Can be seen virtually anywhere, from sports bars, shopping malls and college campuses, to gyms, sporting events and music festivals.

FWB is a phenomenon and is not limited to white Americans. The germ can spread to anyone of any nationality, racial background and or sub-culture. The viral aspect of FWB make its ultimate source a social enigma, but is in fact reminiscent of the classic douche bag white trash, guido, and bro.
"That guy over there in the Affliction t-shirt totally beat me to that chick. It must be the tatoo sleeves."

"Whatta filthy white boy."
by Arthur Curtis October 10, 2011
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