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Originating from a filthy astronaut, this move begins in the doggy style position. Just before "blast-off" tightly secure a plastic bag over your partner's head as you move to face to face with her. Next, strike her about the head hard enough that she begins to see stars--we call this move the "Hammer & Sickle." Then firmly pie-face her back onto the bed so she is lying on her back. Now release your Siberian Splooge across her eyes and she will see nothing but the Milky Way. Then immediately take a celebratory shot of chilled Stoli Vodka, and without swallowing, spit it in your partners face for a Cold War ending.
Lisa: That new Russian exchange student, Svetlana is walking funny today.

Steve: Yeah I know. I gave her a sick-ass Filthy Cosmonaut last night.

Lisa: USA! USA!
by $ad-Lo March 30, 2011
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