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A person who hails from the Philadelphia, greater Philadelphia area, or acts as if they do. These people can be easily identified by their demeanor and adornments. They are often seen wearing obscene amounts of rhinestone, Ed Hardy, Juicy, or other obnoxious articles of clothing bought at a discount store or back of a van. They can also be identified by their inability to pronounce water correctly (variations may include, wooter, wooder, wuter, ect) or anunciate the "g" in words ending with -ing (pitching - pitchin', talking-talkin', ect). Don't fear about learning the name you should call them before you hit them with your car for the betterment of man-kind; their name can be seen from miles away b/c it is written inside of their huge hoop earrings bought at above mentioned discount store.

Their idea of what life consists of is emulating their favorite stolen cable star of the week, spending most hours when not working or watching day time television, inhabiting bars and taking pictures to upload to their social networks. These people know the bus schedule better than their multiplication tables and think they are all Italian (for now thanks to the abomination of "The Jersey shore").
They believe sweat pants are formal wear and will not buy a coat unless it has writing all over it and a fuzzy hood.

** avoid at all costs **

If their demeanor is not enough to gross you out, their bed-bugs will be.
ugh, that filthidelphian wants to walk right through people b/c s/he is too engrossed with their new rhinestones and talking about the jersey shore than to watch where they are walking...I hope they fall down the escalator
by Verbing Nouns January 31, 2011
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