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An annoying Weightlifting coach who seems to have no sense of being. He is hated by all and his birth is the greatest burden ever put onto earth. His overused terms which can never get to old turn into a constant reminder of how God seems to hate the world by giving us this man. There is nothing that can be done without collars and if you do try to do something he will be saying "now ....... where are the collars." Now what comes to mind is why does God hate us so much that he would give us this horrible man, well this question will never seem to be answered.
Student "Mr Filleman!"
Mr Filleman "NO Thank you, now where are the collars and lets do a weight that we can handle"

During stretches
Student "....."
Mr Filleman " Now if you do not be quiet in the next few minutes im going to have send you down to the office with a referal, and then we can have you switched out of this class"
Student "But Mr Filleman im just stretching"
Mr Filleman "No thank you, now how about you head down to the office and we can arrange for you to get switched out of this class"
Student "fuck you"
Mr Filleman "No thank you"
by Fartknocker2012 November 18, 2010
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