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A complex sexual maneuver, involving a Filipino duck, a loaded asshole, and one drunk bitch.

The move is begun when the bill of the duck is shoved into the loaded asshole (which can be possessed by anyone in the party). When the duck opens its bill to quack, the shit must then be planted inside the open mouth. The duck's bill must then be removed from the asshole and stuffed into the previously lubricated vagina. The duck will then proceed to deposit the shit into the vagina, thus space docking the girl.

Other variations include the Mississippi Mallard Docker.
ex1.Tyler: dude my girlfriend is wasted, and we are going past a Filipino restaurant. time to do a Filipino Duck Fuck!?

ex2. Fredy to Mary: hey baby, do you see the duck on the pond?
Mary: yeah, so majestic, so beautiful!
Fredy: yeah, um, i'm thinking we can do a Filipino duck fuck soon?
Mary: are you kidding me Fredy? you know i'm always down for that!

ex 3. Filiipino Duck to Mallard: shit, that couple is staring at me, i think they might wanna do a Filipino duck fuck with me. damn i'm tired of the taste of shit in my mouth, combined with the taste of lubed pussy.
Mallard: yeah i know what you mean. this guy tried to do that to me last week and he ended up making diarrhea in my bill and then when he shoved it in the girls vagina, she queefed and it ended up going down my throat.
Filipino Duck: yeah FML Mallard
by RiiPCiTYDOOODE January 16, 2011
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