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Filibanter; banter that fills time; also the act of participating in unplanned banter that is so intense that two or more individuals fail to fulfil the original intention of their meeting.

Derived from combining 'filibuster' (a word used in political science); purposely extending debate in a legislative assembly in order to waste time and prevent a vote, and 'Banter'; general hilarity/shenanigans. So, 'filibuster'+'banter' = filibanter.
Example A:
Guy 1: "Do you remember that time we were meant to go to the game, but we just filibantered too much and forgot to go!"
Guy 2: "Yeah, that banter was too intense, some unbelievable shenanigans!"

Example B:
Guy 1: "Bro, we need to kill two hours.."
Guy 2: "It's ok, we can filibanter!"
by Ol_ December 16, 2013
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