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A wierd but very interesting fighting game made by SEGA in 1995. The gameplay is similar to that of Virtua Fighter, except that you fight in a walled arena that can be climbed, used for special throws/combos, or destroyed when you put a knockout blow on your opponent, and you can perform chain-throws, and do hit-combos on an opponent who is down. The characters are dressed in 80's-style outfits, wear armor which can be smashed through with special moves, and some characters carry weapons. For instance, there is a musician who uses his guitar, and a kid who uses his skateboard.
The concept of fighting in an enclosed arena was later used in Virtua Fighter 3 and NAMCO's Tekken 4, and the idea of chain throws was later incorporated in Tekken 3.
I still wish SEGA came out with a Dreamcast version of Fighting Vipers 2.
by Jeffery October 12, 2003
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