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n. A refridgerator, in which contents mainly consist of condiments (possibly a half a sixpack of beer and maybe some old moldy cheese). A poorly stocked Bachelor or Bachelorette fridge.
In the movie "FIGHT CLUB", Tyler Durden feigns embarrasment upon returning to his condo that he obliterated, once he comes across his fridge lying in the smoldering mess with it's door flung open, displaying it's contents for the whole world to see.

DJ SB3: "Ewe, Willow what's this in your fridge?, a science expiriment or is that left over take out food?"

DJ Willow from Paris: "Whateves,I'm soooo not embarrased by my Fight Club Fridge, what does it matter when I'm never home anyway?"
by DJ Willow from Paris April 24, 2008
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