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Fifa scum is a player of the beautiful game of EA Sports Fifa 10 on either the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 systems. This is a beautiful game and is usually enjoyed by fans and great players alike. But there are the chodey few who try to ruin the game by doing such things as chipping and blocking punts which are unwritten rules that do not take place. They also usually only pick the best teams in the game, such as Barcelona and Inter Milan. Not only do they do these crappy moves, and use these ridiculous teams, but then they brag that they are the best, when really everyone thinks that are the Fifa SCUM.
Sean: Yo bro i'm the best at this game!

Jake: Dude, you just beat me by chipping twice and blocking one of my punts, your Inter, and I am a man down.
Sean: Naa bro i'm soooo good!
Jake: You are the lowest of the low, you are Fifa SCUM, just hop of the sticks.
Connor: Yeah Sean you are definitely Fifa SCUM bro!
by Big Saucer August 22, 2010
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