an LA based punk/ stoner rock band whose sole purpose is to revolutionize the fidlar concept of "fuck, it dog, lifes a risk."
They have also coined the term "Fuck the Clock" which is a way to give the lifestyle of the 9-5 robotic routine a middle finger.

They are part of a skate pop culture affliated with brooklyn projects.
Fidlar lyrics :"I drink cheap beer so what, fuck you!"
"Wake Bake Skate!"
by deathmetal323 May 17, 2010
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A word derived from the acronym: Fuck it Dog Life's A Risk.* An expression used in moments of high risk or reckless abandon, usually right before you attempt something fucking crazy.

It can also be used sarcastically, when something happens that involves no risk.

Let it be known that the word is straight out out of the streets of LA, where the acronym was created by skateboarders that role with the Brooklyn Projects crew.

*the word Dog often is said simply as "Dah" LA slang steez.
Alright, fidlar man, I'm gonna jump off this building right now.

Woah, did you see that guy jump off that building, pretty fid' shit right there.

Sarcastic: Check out my tiny penis. It is pretty fidlar right?
by sleeveofwizard April 2, 2009
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