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(1) the less-than-honest but tried-and-true method used by married spouses for dealing with an indiscretion; a more sophisticated version of "thinking out loud"

(2) the time-honored technique used by politicians, lawyers and publicists to add sunshine to a murky situation or deflect attention

(3) a rhetorical device employed by men to cover a wide range of pre- and post-romantic interludes

(4) the immediate and often creative explanation to something you have no clue about

Etymology - derived from the David Mamet comedy, State and Main (2000); William H. Macy character Walt Price: It's not a lie. It's a gift for fiction.”
Mark Antony - β€œThose are some crazy pheromones on your perfumed sails. Mrs. Philopator, you're trying to seduce me.”

Cleopatra (in her best fiction on the fly) – β€œDon’t be silly sweetie. It’s just an old Ptolemaic dynasty tradition. Your imagination is more fertile than the Nile River. ”

β€œDamn you and your Fiction on the Fly. You WERE checking that girl out. It had nothing to do with your claims about Tim Gunn and loving fashion."

β€œI’m sorry baby. It just slipped. Maybe we can use a safe word next time.” (most overheard--and overused--fiction on the fly)

β€œYes. I googled my tweet and discovered that my linkedin got facebooked. How many pieces of social networking flair are you wearing today? β€œ

"That Governor Sanford needs to work on both his TMI and Fiction on the Fly. Damn."
by Marcus Antonius July 10, 2009
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