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A deceivingly quaint and friendly restaurant located next to the Feydey train station in upper Leysin, Switzerland. Unpon entering, one is often greeted by a crazy local man who repeatedly sticks cigarettes in his ears while yelling and singing randomly. One is also greeted by the foul smell produced by the amazing combination of grease and smoke. The back of the restaurant can be compared to a chimney because of the vast amount of smoke produced by the nicotine-hungry American School students who consistantly smoke their life away inside the restaurant. Feydeys slowly sucks your money and life away. It is one of the many self destructive behaviors that students are sucked into after coming to study at LAS. Beware.
Kid 1: Dude, did you go to Feydeys today?
Kid 2: Yeah bro, I spent 100 francs and smoked like two packs in just two hours!
Kid 1: SWEET!
by Bradley and Paul February 21, 2009
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