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A Fester on Yahoo is what everyone wants not to become. He is an over weight, middle aged, desperately lonely, quazi yahoo guru. He is the proverbial chat addict. His intelligence is so marginal that he is forced into a repetitive behavior. When attacked, this yahoo chatter will studder, blubber, misspell and mispronounce words. He repeats what he hears and sees typed because his pickled old brain cannot think of a wittism worth his obviously more intelligent rival has just thrown at him. At first cyber glance this fester is a simpelton but there is more. He is a dangerous predator in the chat world. I hanger on. I band wagoner. A lost yahsoul. So my friends I have passed the collection plate to you. Lets find it in our hearts to donate. Put forth any bit of money you can. In time, Fester will have the medical help and mental attention he needs. Until then, hide your children. Alas! this Fester on Yahoo preys on the defensless. His craving for prepubescent genetalia is ravenous.
by The Upper Class February 10, 2005
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