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Ferry Pass Middle School is a trashy school in what is supposed to be the nicer part of Pensacola Fl. The kids here have not grown out of their skate place phase and still think it's cool to go to Dreamland every Friday. Everyone here thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread or they hate themselves. Everyone worships a boy named Brandon Tilley and every 6th grade girl thinks they're best friends with him. Meghan Pehacek, a girl who has a pancake booty and thinks she's successful because she's "Facebook famous", also goes to school here.
Most people at this school fit into the following categories:
1. Ghetto people who think they're the shit and think they're rich when really they've been on welfare and food stamps their entire life.
2. Stuck up, wannabe ""Popular"" people that no one actually likes.
3. Country people.
4. Scene, emo, hipster, Gothic, gay, grunge, anime kids who can all be grouped together because they are all friends and most of them congregate in the gym before school.
5. Nerdy gamer people who are mostly boys and don't know what fashion is and are super arrogant and annoying, and they run to class.
6. Preppy people.
"What school do you go to?"
"Ferry Pass Middle School"
"Oh, you mean the deepest pit in hell."
by Pensacola Definitions March 11, 2015
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