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Fermented Freddy (noun) is a speciality beverage that is commonly consumed after a Bukkake session or during special events that call for an especially flavourful beverage.

The process in which the Fermented Freddy is made is simple, yet very satisfying.

1. Begin by firstly performing anal sex with a significant other, or volunteer; keep in my that the duration of the sex has a direct correlation with the flavour and robustness of the final product.

2. The male ejaculates fully within the female (or male) partner.
3. The male takes a wine bottle cork (warning: the material of the cork will affect the flavour) and places it within the females (or males) anus, thus beginning the "fermenting" process.
4. Age the product a minimum of 24 hours until the "Freddy" is "fermented" to perfection.

5. Uncork and Enjoy!
Matt: "Hey its Fourth of July Weekend we should get some nice beers!"

Jordan: "Yeah, but we had beers last night..."

Morgan: "Hey I know you guys, lets make some fermented Freddy!"

(Warning: Over fermentation may cause severe stomach cramps and/or death)
by DPI001 July 03, 2011
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