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Composed of the shortened word for "feminist" and "racist".
A femiracist is someone, mostly a white women or just someone white or claims to be white or pretends to be white, who argues for equal protection, equal treatment, equal opportunity, equal everything for men and women, except people of color. Thus a femiracist because the whiteness and equality is still purely kept to empower white women to be like white men. A femiracist does not believe in intersectionality, or perhaps intersectionality was not white enough for them to utilize or relate to.
Ex: Sarah Braash is a fracking femiracist because she has educational background in feminism, but yet lacking that intersectionality, she called the cops on a black graduate student for sleeping in the common area because the black student fell asleep studying. Sarah with the white institutionalized power, uses her whiteness to control blacks and poc so that her white space would be readily available and entitled to her.
by Look2TheSky June 04, 2018
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