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Interchangeable with feminism: the concept that only issues pertaining to women matter, and that issues which affect men and women equally should only be addressed on behalf of women. Usually accompanied by generous helpings of misandry, man-hating and circular logic.

Examples include:
Calling on an end to violence against women in video games, yet being perfectly fine with male characters being slaughtered (Ben Kuchera)

Declaring that boy victims of rape and statutory rape were, in fact, asking for it or otherwise had it coming (Adele Mercier)

Attacking, verbally and literally, anyone who announces the fact that women perpetrate domestic violence as often as men, most notoriously the ritualistic murder of Dr. Erin Pizzey's family dog after months of stalking and violence. Dr. Pizzey, for the uninitiated, was the founder of the first domestic-violence shelter in the UK and, arguably, in the world.
Nearly all military-service deaths are men, and only men are required by law to sign up for the draft or go to prison. Yet a single female soldier dies and it's a crisis. Feminarcissism strikes again.
by Saluriel July 19, 2014
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