An outstanding female athlete who will work with her team, whether it consists of guys/girls, for success.

She thirsts, she occasionally cuts weight, endures over 100 push-ups, wall-touches/laps, sit-ups, and drills with her teammates with extreme motivation and desire to win, just like any other male wrestler except she must work twice as hard.

Girl wrestlers tend to stand out from the rest, and are strengthened by their team and their soul consists of the desire to wrestle. They work for wrestling, they breathe for wrestling, they starve for wrestling, the persevere for wrestling, and they live for wrestling.

With time, the number of girl wrestlers are growing, and girl wrestlers will be more common among the normal society.
Person #1: "Dang, that guy is kicking his opponent's butt!"

Person #2: "Nope, man. That's a girl. She's an awesome female wrestler."
by sn12345 March 16, 2013
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