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The term 'neckbeard' goes beyond any gender. You may see the average female neckbeard with scraggly long hair to her butt. The hair will be dull and dead from never bathing it, or from frequently dying it. She will have greesy, 2 month overdue roots. She doesn't wear makeup and has a superiority complex about it. Cheap corsets, anime t-shirts, batman merch, and outdated jeans that drag on the ground. Probably has an infected looking eyebrow or lip piercing. Wants a guy who looks like Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston but complains that men are so shallow and only like those fake pretty girls; why can't they just see her for her personality. Social Justice Warrior. Usually wears the stupid jackie-cadet hats that everyone hates from 2002.

Laughes at jokes that only 4th graders would like.
"God, is there a word for a female neckbeard? Because thats what Brittany is."
"I know, she smells like cheese and low tide. I wish she would bathe."
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by Kaylathewathful January 04, 2017
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