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Every woman's sworn confidants whose purpose is to train , protect, and help her handle the men in her life. These women can include her mother, her sisters, her dreaded girlfriends, other experienced women, and of course her gay male friends. They make sure she has her relationship shit together and that she is happy on HER terms. They are train each other in the art of deception, mind games, trickery and the manipulation of unsuspecting men. They have a strict code of silence and have "deep" conversations with her and instruct her what to do with her man situation or man trouble, how to screw him, use him, cheat him and when he aint got nothing to dump him. They are skilled at rumor and damage control so she will come out of it smelling like a rose or the heartbroken "victim". They help her find a new man to fuck ...her gay friends are really good at this and seem to enjoy the quest. This group covers for her "little secret" while she's getting some dick on the side. They horde an arsenal of negative shit about each other's man -then spoon feed her every drop of it when she's angry at him. After a new date, she calls this group of confidants and tells them everything. They ask about his money situation to determine if he is Fuck worthy, useable, and easily manipulated. With their assistance she plans every tiny detail -she will have plan W, X, Y, and Z ready the new man, while he is still working on plan A or B.
If Jenny informs her Female Mafia about John's recent bankruptcy, they will put a verbal hit out on him, brand him a LOSER, and sabatoge their marraige.
by John Freeson April 04, 2006
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