Its not a what you may first expected it to be. It is not penis, that is what the man has, but cock can be completely female in your perspective, a person who posseses the powers of what cock is but can still be female. Female with the force of cock. The powers of cock is how cock makes you feel, how it tastes, smells and in the bulge aspect of it. It's the object of what it can do to you and give to you or what it is to serve the cock or give pleasure to it. It can even have the feminine aspects in the power of a pussy except turned into a bulging cock. A feminine cock.

A dominant person can go about it in their dominant way to get to this attraction. Or a submissive person can get to their attraction by going with their feeling that they are inclined to get it or touch it or be submitted by what the cock is.
Come suck this cock you'll like, it its so big and juicy. You want it. (to seduce the dominant person)
Get on down your knees and take this cock down your throat! (to seduce the submissive person)

I want this female cock it will give me so much pleasure. I choose to make this happen and get or give to what cock is (can be dominant person)
I want this female cock so much it makes me surrender and I feel submittion to it. I'm in the position to receive this cock for the way it dominates me. (submissive person)
by It only matters May 02, 2018
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