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An advocate of feminine supremacy. One who believes in the superiority of women or the referent feminine, particularly over men and masculinity. They believe men have, by their history of violence, proven themselves inferior while women e.g. being apparently more empathic, proven to be the superior sex.

Etymology: A portmanteau of fem from the French "femme" (mean woman) and "supremacist."
Example 1: No, this is beyond feminism. After all of man's destruction of the Earth; his atrocities, oppression, violence, crime, war, rape and pillage of history, she's not satisfied with mere equality or his moral luck. That chick's more like a femacist out for revenge on all MANkind before another backlash sets women back two steps. It's just ironic given what a caveman this Valerie Solanas is herself.

Example 2: My word! Why those femacists of Penthesilea are trying to create a purebred lesbian master race of cis and transwomen to rule the world. You'll never survive on an economy of chocolate ice cream, sharing, and hugs. I'll see to it it's pink and black triangles for the lot of you, feminazis!
by Nova Croix February 08, 2019
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One who is racist towards females of a different culture.
bob: hey you see rochelle from left 4 dead 2?
jeff: yeah, I hate her!
bob: you femacist!
by Terror Night June 04, 2010
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