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One who is from somewhere else and does not belong to the area in question where it is required by federal law to be approved for membership.
Considering the recent concerns of accuracy in descriptions of immigrant statuses combined with the debate over terms and descriptors as to who may and may not be designated as residents or accompanying resident statuses. Terms such as Illegal Alien, Undocumented Workers, Illegal Citizens, Illegal Workers, Undocumented Residents, and Undocumented Citizens are euphemisms for status. Felonious Alien seems to be most accurate with regard to people of foreign countries entering a country without properly following the standards of entry and compliance of residency. In many countries it is a violation of that countries law to enter, reside, work, or maintain a long term habitat in that country without approval from the appropriate government agency(s) .

Pierre lived in Napa Valley for 8 years while working for Vinofile Vineyards. He thought he was not one of β€œthose people”. Pierre had never applied for residency and was surprised when the Immigration Agents showed up even though he had known he was a Felonious Alien. Having thought the focus would be on the Central and South American Natives he gleefully showed the agent the work files. Nonetheless, Pierre was deported to his homeland on the same day his employees were sent home to their countries. Each was a Felonious Alien and thought they could suck the teat of the prosperous with impunity while escaping the tyranny of taxes and enjoying the benefits thereof along with the law of the land and everything the country in question was built upon.
by PackerFever March 03, 2007
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