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Felecrescology is the study of cat growing. The word is derived from the Latin feles,felis F., meaning "cat" and cresco,crescere, crevi, cretum, meaning "to grow". Under normal conditions, cats usually reproduce though sexual reproduction like other mammals. But under ideal circumstances, including proper ultraviolet light wavelength (337nm), fertile soil (preferably in a ceramic pot), and the proper concentration of catalizer(a fertilizer consisting of milk, cat blood, and catnip), a cat can actually be grown. Felecrescologists, as of 2007, have observed that cat D.N.A. has the unusual ability to form a zygote that can develop without a uterus, using the nutrients in the soil as a placenta. All that is needed to grow a cat is an article containing feline D.N.A., such as feces, hairballs, or whiskers, and the ideal conditions previously outlined. Since felecrescology is a new science, felecrescologists are still studying this rare phenomenon and researching other animals that may exhibit the same behaviors.
I am a Felecrescologist and I study Felecrescology. but none of my friends believe it is possible to grow cats, so I guess they will be destined for eternal damnation.
by Comrade Colin January 03, 2008
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