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Swedish word for something that is really good, so good that you make a 'puff'-ish sound. Usually written with more letters to emphasize the word: Feelllåååås
Friend: Look at this awesome steak I'm eating
me: Felås!
by Davtre January 13, 2018
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An amazing narcissitic asshole who is vompletely in love with themselves and will most likely die staring at themselves in a mirror
Wow that girl is so Fela I wish I could be here she's so hott and yummy.
by Issagaygirl April 27, 2017
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a fela is a specific type of grape, that will burst out of a shower wearing a towel, and screaming "Hail Smantha"
Occasionaly they don't wear pants while talking on the phone.
Code red! Bring in the Fela
by Doctor Lina October 16, 2007
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