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Failing in the form of an Asian name,or a language

Used as a substitute for failing without getting caught

Fei-Ling; Fayling; Failing! =D
Girl(Text): Lpl i knpw right!

Guy(Text): Why are you always fei-ling?

Girl(Text):Whos this fei-ling?

Guy(Text):You Dont Know fei-ling?well lots of ppl do her.


Girl:Hahaha,wow,hes a lame sidecock-i mean sidekick...

Guy: Ohh so you speak in fei-ling too???

Girl:Noo,is tht some kind of new language??

Guy:Okay,say fei-ling fast.

Girl:Fei-ling,Feiling,Failing...OHH FAILING!!
by LolOmgWtfxD June 13, 2010
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