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Typically, an obnoxious person with underlying hints of dorf. One who simultaneously exhibits the characteristics of loud, stupid, sweaty and dorfish behaviour. Origin: A word coined after a specific species of human in suburban Maryland. Popular in the 70's and 80's. Used sparingly elsewhere.
- Jumping out from behind a tree and grinning stupidly..
"Hey Donna!!! Henh..Henh.. My 4th-level enchanter could slay you with his wand of ice! Henh..Henh..

Donna - " Piss off you Fegbert, and never talk to me again"

Henh..Henh..(some spittle from mouth mixes with beads of sweat on chin forming obvious ooze-wad stalagtite)
by Steve O'Leary August 29, 2006
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