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A feels jerk is when a group of sensitive SJWs are all on a social media site (usually Tumblr, but may also include Facebook and Youtube.) and begin commenting and complaining about a meme, picture, video, person(s) or event that upsets them. In a feels jerk the SJWs will generally outnumber the normal thinking people and will give 2 paragraph long "you're being mean" posts to any person that objects. The other members will then up vote it and make some retarded 5 word comments about how awesome their fellow SJW is (ie. "You go gurl" "Top comment" "exactly" "^^^^^^^^^:)))))")

it is for this reason that we call this a Feels Jerk as they are figuratively jerking each other off while they talk about their feelings.
SJW "Oh my god, that poor dog was shot by that evil man!" #prayfordoggy

Normal Person "Wait, what the fuck? First off it's a fucking coyote not a dog. Second it would have killed his small child if he did not shoot it.

SJW "omgggg are you for real i say hes evil an all you bring up is that hes a coyote it doesnt even matter its a living being and that man took him away"

Normal Person: "How about you fuck off, go back to tumblr and have a feels jerk with your fellow SJWs.!"

Guy 1: "Bro, I shared this video and a bunch of weird people I barley know began commenting about how it's offensive and insensitive."

Guy 2: "Sounds like SJWS. What was it about?"

Guy 1: "It was just one of those smack cam pranks, I tried to reason with them but they kept saying how mean the prank was and how their friend might kill him self."

Guy 2: "Sounds like they were have a Feels Jerk and you were right in the middle of it."
by Urban Dicktonary March 22, 2016
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